Vane Julian

Originally from the Mediterranean coast of Spain, illustrator and fine artist Vane Julian now resides in Manchester, UK. Vane has received formal training as a creative professional receiving both a Bachelor of Fine Arts as well as a Master’s in Illustration and Moving Image. 

Vane specialises in illustration, mural art and moving images. She combines hand drawing and digital techniques to produce her work. However, hand sketching and drawing remains for her one of the most versatile tools for her work. Traveling is one of her greatest sources of inspiration. Vane’s professional career has lead her to live in locations such as Italy, Indonesia and Nepal. Asian art, movies, music and theatre are also great sources of inspiration. 

Notably, Vane has produced large scale illustrative installations for one of the major neurology hospitals in Liverpool, UK. She has also created large scale installations throughout the popular streets of Brighton, UK. 

Vane constantly strives to develop her creative practice and enjoys exploring new creative techniques and media to further her creative skillset.