Illustrator and artist INGAS currently works and resides in Toulouse, France. 

She is a self-taught illustrator and has also obtained a Master of Applied Arts Education. The work and unwavering passion of illustrators Mcbess, Niark1 and Sara Blake inspired her to begin her journey into the world of commercial art and illustration. 

Her works are largely created by hand with traditional media such as India ink or acrylic paints. INGAS also utilises Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to colourise her works from time-to-time, but prefers a more hands-on and tactile approach to rendering. Flora and fauna are common subject matters within INGAS’ work. 

“I like everything that emerges from nature, it has infinite potential and great detail. I try to replicate this complexity within my illustrations. I take great joy in knowing that viewers of my work will always discover something new within it.”