Bengi Aydingun 

Bengi Aydingun is a contemporary illustrator and 3D artist. 

She is inspired by artists such as Amelie Fontaine and Olivia Kemp. However she also likes working on more abstract forms and enjoys finding new ways to mix and create organic and geometric patterns. The use of colour is a big element for her design process and she likes flirting with both realistic and stylised designs. 

Her professional qualifications include two batchelor degrees from Australian institutions. She studied 3D Animation at JMC Academy, Ultimo and Advertising at RMIT, Melbourne. After graduating from RMIT, she moved to Turkey and entered a career in advertising as a client manager. Her work in an advertising agency prompted the realisation that she preferred to work more creatively and decided to pursue a career where she could focus on her art. 

Bengi Aydingun’s hummingbird 3D model has been used in JMC Academy’s 3D Animation department’s 2017 promotional campaign and she has also participated in the Wilderness Societies, Art for Action charity fundraiser in 2015. She lives and works in Melbourne, Australia.