Monica Gonzalez Molla

Illustrator and graphic designer Monica Gonzalez Molla has received a bachelors degree in graphic design whilst studying at the L’Escola d’Art i Superior de Disseny in Castellón (EASD). Her entry into the creative industry was via a range of well known advertising and design agencies where she largely assisted in developing corporate identities, advertising and photo mechanics (photographic retouching). Monica has since founded her own creative practice, where she develops creative solutions for an ever-expanding list of reputable local and international clients. 

“Lately, I have felt the need to reinvent myself and develop a new approach to my work. I have began developing more personal projects focused on illustration and design. My personal universe is full of references to nature, cinema, literature and romanticism with an important presence of female characters. 

Recently, my attention has been focused of developing my portfolio of editorial illustration. I hope to expand my base within this space.”