Ioana Boros

Romanian born, Cluj-Napoca based fashion & pattern designer, Ioana Boros is a graduate of the city’s University of Arts and Design. After completing her studies she worked in fashion design for several years. It was during this period that Ioana began designing patterns and exploring this area of illustration and design. 

Ioana currently owns and operates a small business, DaringTrash, a contemporary womenswear label based around contemporary illustration. 

“My work focuses on contemporary prints and illustrations with a focus on shapes, minimal lines, colours and monochromatic combinations. Some of my sources of inspiration are: Yayoi Kusama, Kumi Sugai, Sol LeWitt, Esther Stocker etc. 

As my love for art has grown, I have decided I don’t have to limit my appreciation for art to one style / period. I can appreciate realism, conceptual art and other style without my appreciation for any of them, because they are my interests.”