Mikolaj Wlodarczyk 

After spending the previous four years located in Belgium, illustrator and tattoo artist Mikolaj Wlodarczyk now currently resides in Columbus, Ohio, United States.

After graduating his studies in Philosophy, Mikolaj then pursued a career as a tattoo artist and has been perfecting his craft in this field since.

Inspiration for his work come largely from Eastern European sci-fi, fantasy and post-apocalyptic comics and movies as well as Slavic mythology and culture. Artists such as; Egon Schiele, Zdzislaw Beksinski and Ashley Wood are also major inspirations.

Along with being a tattoo artist, Mikolaj also frequently produces a range of editorial illustrations for reputable scientific magazines.

Mikolaj plans to continue to develop his skillset as a tattoo artist whilst incorporating his freelance illustration practice into his working life. He is continuously exploring new illustrative techniques to develop his skillset and portfolio.