Stela Stamenkova

Stela Stamenkova has 12 years of experience as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator, working in advertising agencies, software companies and freelancing. 

Stela says, “Inspiration for me hides behind every corner, one has just to keep their eyes open and mind ready, and enjoy this wonderful life.”

Her passion is illustration and she loves experimenting with different styles. Stela tries to be as versatile as possible and says “I am a greedy adventurer that wants to explore every approach, and I enjoy mixing media and tools.”

She has always been surrounded by books. She absolutely loves reading and letting her imagination travel to fantastic destinations. Her dream is to one day to be a lot more focused on illustrating books, both for grown ups and kids. 

Stela currently resides in her native Bulgaria and describes it as “a beautiful land full of paradoxes.”