Le Paradoxe (Noélie Martin)   

Noélie Martin is a Swiss illustrator with a passion for art and a nomadic heart. Her inspirations can be found in tasty food, nature, magical encounters and the weirdness of life. 

Noélie holds two bachelor degrees, her first qualification is in Psychology and she subsequently studied Art Direction. After graduation she spent several years working as an Art Director in the Advertising industry. 

After struggling with her internal instinct to seek a path devoted to creating meaningful works by hand, she took the decision to quit her job. She followed her passion for illustration and her heart’s desire to travel around the world and began the project Le Paradoxe. 

Through Le Paradoxe, Noélie tells stories of life’s quirks and shares simple pleasures that she hopes resonate with people. Her work is often personal or motivated by things that happen to someone she knows. She illustrates these various topics by hand with watercolor, pen or pencils. Her detailed works contain a touch of poetry mixed with a hint of irony. 

Noélie plans to continue to expand her client base within the editorial and children’s literature space.