Illustrator and graphic designer Cocolvú currently works and resides in Mexico City. He had received formal training as a graphic designer while studying at the La Salle University, Mexico City. He also participated in an exchange degree in Halifax Canada as well as completing Illustration, Materials and Art Techniques courses at Eina and Massana Art Schools located in Barcelona, Spain. 

Cocolvú has worked at a range of reputable graphic designs firms, both prior and post his studies. His time at these firms helped refine his skillset and define the trajectory of his career. He now finds himself fulfilled as a full-time freelance illustrator and designer. 

Cocolvú continues to produce creative solutions for reputable brandnames such: as Nike, Converse, Disney, Perrier, Revlon, Nestle, Grupo Modelo, Instagram, Facebook, Crayola, Danone, Ford, Nivea, and Bic, among others.