Jo Mc

Illustrator, typographer and model-maker Jo Mc currently resides in Bournemouth, UK. Jo gained formal training as an illustrator whilst studying Illustration at The Arts University, Bournemouth.

“Inspired by nature and geometry, I’ve always loved the precision and attention to detail in Da Vinci’s work, and the vibrant use of colour in Van Gogh’s. I’ve always been good at drawing, so everything I make starts with a piece of paper and a pencil. I’m proficient in Adobe Illustrator, which I use primarily in my commercial work. But when it comes to my personal work, I’ll use anything from paint to sugar icing.”

Jo has a great ability to visually translate any written brief into vibrant, clean and contemporary illustrations. Her detailed works posses a seamless fluidity allowing for briefs with complex narratives to be resolved in a singular solution.

Jo is continuously exploring new illustrative techniques to provide innovative and dynamic works for her clients.