Renate Hauer    

Renate Hauer is a Norwegian artist who lives in the countryside an hour outside of Oslo. She says, “I love it here; the farms, and the dark green, Norwegian forests. Ever since I was a very young girl I’ve been drawing animals and fantastic creatures. I would describe my work as vibrant, colourful and evocative, and somewhat nostalgic.” 

She studied illustration at high school, where she learned about colours, image communication; the power of images. Her favourite illustrators are Alan Lee and Arthur Rackham who are her great inspirations. She also gets a lot of inspiration from long walks in the forest, and from her dreams. 

Renate says, “Watercolours are my preferred painting medium; it’s beautiful and fun, and it’s easy to make organic shapes. So I prefer traditional painting, though I understand Adobe Photoshop. I use Photoshop to apply textures and adjust image sharpness.”

She has been working on a personal project for some time; writing and illustrating a children’s book, which is not finished yet. She has also made two maps, illustrated a local book and some posters. 

Renate has also participated in a number of exhibitions, including an auction at a school for World Health Day. Her entry for the auction was an illustration inspired by alcoholism. The money raised was spent on charitable purposes, a result she found rewarding.