Mrs. Annie Mation

Mrs. Annie Mation is artist from Bocholt, Belgium. In 2013 she received a master’s degree as an animator and a year later earned her teacher certification. Today, she teaches art classes, combining this with making daily art and creating commissioned pieces and client work. 

She says “Since I’ve been able to hold a pencil I’ve never stopped drawing and painting. It always came naturally to me. It became a passion and I decided to build a life around that passion. I started traditional with pencil on paper. As I grew up I discovered digital painting, fell in love with it and the dreams have remained.” 

She considers her art relatively diverse and mainly works digitally in Adobe Photoshop or Procreate, though sometimes when she’s nostalgic she returns to her roots with colour pencils and waterpaint. 

“The main topic for my art is ‘The Ladies’. I’m inspired by strong, gorgeous women everyday and I feel like I can paint them for a lifetime. Besides I consider my style very “Pop-y”. I love joining the hypes and drawing popular characters from movies, the music industry and fashion models. The bright blues/greens and pinks make the artwork look very feminine and cheerful. Completely and totally, Annie.”