Ingrid Varela Torres

Chilean illustrator, designer and street artist Ingrid Valera currently resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands. 

She received a Bachelor of Design while studying at the Andres Bello University, Chile. Ingrid’s introduction to the art and design world began in 2007 when she began producing a range of independent publications and zines whilst simultaneously working as a freelance graphic designer for a range of footwear brands. 

Ingrid then took her art to the streets and became immersed in the street art culture of her city. Since then, she has participated in street art exhibitions across the world including cities such as: Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, La Paz, Rome, Bratislava, Berlin, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels and Chicago among others. 

Ingrid is currently collaborating with the Chilean photographer Alejandro Sandoval. They are producing a series of works that distort and complement the urban landscape and bring the viewer into an imaginative world of street art inspired characters and forms that are an integral part of urban visual language.