Maybel Gallardo

Originally from Havana, Cuba but raised in the USA, illustrator, concept artist, and graphic designer Maybel Gallardo (known artistically as Matsuri G.) is now currently residing in Spain. 

Maybel has received a Bachelor Degree in Computer Animation from the Miami International University of Art and Design (MIU) where she excelled in character design and concept arts. 

She is currently studying an Advanced Course in Graphic Design at Sboza2, a Visual Arts and Illustration Academy. 

Maybel’s works, largely created using digital media such as Adobe Photoshop and After Effects, are inspired by the works of Tite Kubo, Hayao Miyasaki, Guillermo del Toro, and Tim Burton. She describes her work as “The mixture of light and shadow; music and visuals; color and darkness. A careful observation at the intuitive and emotional responses to what I have seen, hear, and experienced throughout my life. A relief when my soul is in pain.” 

Maybel continues to experiment with a range of illustrative techniques and technology to expand her skillset and produce fresh and dynamic creative solutions.