Natasha de Francisco

Natasha de Francisco, versatile Swiss and Russian artist, illustrator, designer, writer, currently resides in Washington DC, United States. Natasha was born in Moscow, Russia (then Soviet Union) in 1982. Her humanitarian work and writing activities took her to different places of the world and taught to observe and appreciate details. 

De Francisco’s art philosophy is rooted in the traditions of Swiss pastel drawing as well as Russian realist art and Soviet children’s book illustration. She works in ink, charcoal, pencils, pastels, oil, tempera, watercolors, markers. 

Natasha has been exhibiting her works since 2000 in Russia, Switzerland, and the United States. She has created numerous graphic collaborations for the United Nations projects as well as a few adult and children’s books. 

Her works in oil, watercolor, ink, and pastel are part of private collections in Russia, Italy, France, Switzerland, UK, and the United States.