Ruby Chen

 Ruby Chen was born in Taiwan, grew up in Los Angeles, and is fulfilling a childhood dream of being an artist in the creative field. 

After she graduated from the Art Center College of Design with an Entertainment Design Degree, Ruby has been working as an illustrator/concept artist in the gaming industry. She has worked with studios such as Disney, Hasbro, Playtika, Jam City just to name a few. 

Growing up, video games, movies, manga, Japanese animation, and fashion have been an integral part of Ruby’s existence, which eventually motivated her to work as an artist. Her life seeped in art and design have equipped her with fantastical storytelling ability as she draws inspiration from both fantasy and personal experiences. Ruby’s inspiration also includes Disney classic films, old Japanese animations, street art culture, and her travels across the globe. Aside from Ruby’s day job in video game development, she has found another outlet for her creativity - a series of illustrations of women with an active subversion of the norm who unapologetically unleash their inner riot with a revolutionary and youth spirit devoted to the true feminine ideal. This series has become a visual platform to express her beliefs, struggles, and vision. 

She also loves a good crafted cocktail and enjoys Netflix with her cat.