Elena Paoletti

Elena is a young Italian fashion designer and illustrator. She was born in Macerata, the town where she got her Diploma in Fashion and Art and where her passion for fashion began and grew up together with her. 

She draws inspiration from whatever surrounds her and tries to reproduce it in her works. She claims that cinema, history, architecture, design and cultures are what stimulate her the bes, although nature is her real muse and is always part of her creations. 

She is obsessed with colours, textures, plants and landscapes which deeply influence her works and the way she uses her pastels, ink, watercolors, Pantones and graphic tablet. 

A favourable occasion came in 2009 when she met a teacher from the University College of Arts of Epsom, who invited her to join one of the courses at the college as soon as she graduated. That meeting changed Elena’s life, helping her gaining the self-confidence she needed. Even though she did not attend any post-graduate courses she did not waste time and started working for Fornarina immediately after receiving her diploma. Elena worked at the famous Italian fashion brand for five years. During which time she had the opportunity to develop collections for Fornarina and improve her creative abilities alongside her team. 

She describes herself as, “Curious, versatile and determined to find my way and make a career as a freelance fashion designer and illustrator so that I will be able to develop my own creations.” 

Together with two friends, she also set up the Raniero Design Studio which combines three different talents with various backgrounds, such as industrial design, graphic, fashion and architecture. In 2015 she was given her greatest satisfaction by winning the Elica Air Design Award, carrying out a project for Elica itself, a well-known luxury company. 

In 2016 she opened her official Instagram profile which summarises her creativity and showcases her creative process. She has used her account as an opportunity to develop a reputation outside of her native country and has already been offered numerous collaborations.