Ells Wake  

Ells Wake (Birth name: Alexandr Tsapko), is an illustrator, animator and director based in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

“I am a self-taught artist. I didn’t have an opportunity to attend art school, but I’ve always had the motivation to become a great artist. Through trials and errors, finding guidance in online tutorials, being disciplined and inspired by the great artists, I began my artistic journey. 

I find inspirations in movies, comic books, video games and Asian culture. However, my biggest inspiration comes from those who have become real masters of their craft, such as the artists: Katsuhiro Otomo, Koji Morimoto, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Jamie Hewlett, Robert Valley, Mike Mignola, Maciej Kuciara, Ash Thorp, Ashley Wood, Patrick Nagel, Stephen Bliss. I am also inspired by directors such as: David Fincher, Nicolas Winding Refn, Joel & Ethan Coen, Christopher Nolan, Wes Anderson. 

Today, I primarily work as a music video director. I create fully animated music videos as well as the ones where I merge live action with 2D or 3D elements. I produce the majority of my work in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and Blender. 

If I were to describe my work, it would be a moody, vibrant toned combination of clear lines and textures, with an Asian futuristic concept.” 

Ells has worked with household brand names including Kylie Jenner, Jamala and Univz.