Sandra Segovia Roset

Sandra Segovia was born in Barcelona, Spain where she now works and resides. 

“When I was young, I loved the days when I went to the cinema with my father to watch Disney movies. I also liked to pass the time reading manga comics and watching anime series.” It was these early passions that lead her study at the ESDi School of Design where she obtained a degree in Audiovisual Design. Sandra then went on to study Graphic Design at the Salesians Sarrià School and also attended the Fem Art Drawing Academy, where she was equipped with the skills that bring her imagination to the page. 

“I love drawing my feelings and thoughts. I hope that people connect with my works and that what I am expressing helps them in some way.” 

Influences for her art and illustration are derived from artists such as: Loish, Pernille Orum and psychologists such as Psikiss. Sandra largely uses digital media to produce her work. She is always refining her skillset and experimenting with new media to further develop her portfolio and creative solutions for her clients.