Oregon Pizza Illustration

The project ‘Oregon Pizza’ was established in 2010 by artist Martina Esposito. The aim of the project was to provide “a new perspective of traditional mass-media culture by restyling movie and music posters as well as iconic characters.” 

Currently residing in Milan, Italy Martina graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna with a Bachelor Degree in Scenography and Costumes Design for Opera. She also obtained a Masters in Publishing Design. During her studies she took part in several Opera productions. “I was influenced by the mastery of Guido Reni, Ames Bros and Ralph Steadman. My passion for traditional arts combined with modern techniques were also core inspirations for the project.” 

Martina likens her creative process to silkscreen printing. “I draw by hand, then fill in the respective layers on a light table. I then digitise my work and finalise it using creative software.”