Claudia Schmidt

Brazilian digital artist and illustrator Claudia Povoas Schmidt has been actively engaged with a wide a range of visual arts from an early age. From oil painting and drawing, to landscape architecture and decorative arts, Claudia’s creative interests and skillset are vast. This creative arsenal combined with a degree in Electronic Engineering allows Claudia to develop dynamic design solutions, whatever her clients needs may be. 

Claudia states, “My work is inspired by mythology, music, abstractionism and works that I come across that surprise me due to their radical mix of imagery, shape and colour. My works are also heavily inspired by Pop-Art, Cubism and the Bauhaus movement.” 

In 2018, Claudia will be participating and attending a collective exhibition held at Galiarte, Porto Art and Rosa Pereira (Portugal), Anjos Art Gallery (Austria) and the Joh Mabe Gallery (São Paulo, Brazil).