Mr William

Mr William Draw is a visual artist who lives and works in Santiago, Chile. He began his career as an artist in 2012. Prior to founding his own practice he had a successful and extensive career as a senior surface designer and illustrator, working at a Latin American retail company for eight years. 

He describes his work and creative process as “a blend of oniric and symbolic elements with a surrealist aura where I combine handmade and digital techniques to show a universe where fashion acquires different meanings.” 

Mr William’s work has been recognised by professional illustration exhibitions and publications. In 2014 Showcase 100 (UK) chose him as a winning entrant as part of their project to showcase 100 of the best illustrators in the world. His work was also selected by Lurzer’s Archive (Austria) as part of their annual ‘200 Best Illustrators Worldwide’ publication in both 2016 and 2018.