Nacho Velasco

Nacho Velasco is an experienced illustrator who combines conceptual images with a modern, expressive and colourful drawings. His work is influenced by comic, cartoons and graphic humour.

His diverse artistic style has enabled him to experience a varied professional career spanning a range of industries including publishing, consumer goods and services.

As a multidisciplinary artist, he extends his interests to other fields as Animation, Audio-Visual communication, or Graphic Design. His powerful and conceptual illustrations are in demand by advertising clients.

Prior to his work as an artist he enjoyed a successful academic career in Psychology and Neuroscience, researching and understanding human perception at Oxford University and in Barcelona’s Parc Cientific. After completing his studies he embraced his true passion since childhood, art and illustration. He graduated with a degree in Illustration from Escuela de Arte Nº 10 in his hometown of Madrid, Spain.

He alternates his commercial illustration work with his personal Instagram account, which depicts a funnier and more incisive facet of his practice.