Paulina Silva Chala

Chilean artist and illustrator Paulina Silva Chala was born in Santiago de Chile in 1990, and was raised in the town of Buin.

She studied Fine Art whilst also taking classes in Engraving at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. She later turned her interests to the educational and child sector through university studies in Pedagogy, Illustration and Child Neuropsychology.

“My studies were dedicated to the creation of illustrated books for children, adults, children-adults and adult’s-children. My work invites the viewer to question reality and to learn about the human mind via the teaching of the arts.”

In collaboration with Francisca Cortés, Paulina also published Para siempre, Noura. (2017). An illustrated book that portrays the war in Syria seen from the eyes of a child.

Paulina has twice exhibited in the Chilean national contemporary art fair, FAXXI. In addition to this, she has participated in Ilustrisima, Illustration Fair, Madrid, Spain.

Paulina currently resides in Madrid from where she runs her creative practice.