Aarón López

Aarón López, better known by his personal brand ‘Orglitch’ is an illustrator, graphic designer and musician. 

His approach to creating illustrative and musical work is characterised by glitches that would traditionally be considered as mistakes and rethought as something attractive. 

Aarón is also passionate about character design. He seeks to show the imperfect and visceral side of human nature via his art. 

His creative process leans towards duality arising from the need to mix traditional techniques with digital ones to generate a dissonant result. 

In 2017 he opened his first exhibition ‘Anamnesis’ which compiled the work of his early years as an illustrator. 

His current projects include merchandise development for ‘Orglitch’, producing a music EP and creating his first graphic novel: ‘Trópico Capricornio’. 

Aarón runs his creative practice from Costa Rica.