Akiko Matsuo

Akiko Matsuo is a graphic artist currently working and residing in Kamakura, Japan. 

Drawing inspiration from the mountain life and rich nature surrounding her city, Akiko’s elegant and unique style echoes the patterns and life cycles found in flowers, trees and insects. Inspecting her works closely you will find repetition of small figures, primarily female, with their arms or legs extended to create the subtle details of large, more easily recognizable forms. 

Akiko aims to create art that can be appreciated and revisited, she says, “with the passage of time, you can have a subtle yet fresh look at the work.” 

Akiko holds a master’s degree from Oaska University of Arts. She has worked as an art director for Dai Nippon Printing Media Creation Chubu as well as a freelance illustrator. Her work is often featured on book covers and in literary magazines.