Walter Alejandro Ferreyra


Self taught lettering artist, painter and designer Walter Alejandro Ferreyra currently resides in the city of Córdoba, Argentina.

Although Walter is trained to use digital software to produce his typographic designs, he prefers the tactile approach of producing his work with traditional media. “The intention of my work is to recover and revive lost crafts and creative disciplines such as hand-lettering and sign painting. These somewhat lost art forms allow you to connect with your work in a way that working digitally does not. It also pushes your capabilities and improves your skillset in a way that the computer is not capable of doing”. 

Walter has recently began collaborating with the renowned Argentinian architects Pablo Dellatorre and Estudio Montevideo producing a range of hand painted signage for the MILA chain of restaurants throughout Santiago de Chile.

Walter regularly participates in live social painting events and continues to run and develop his creative practice in Argentina.