Vadym Kibardine


Tattoo artist Vadym Kibardine currently works and resides in Geneva, Switzerland. He began working as a tattoo artist in 2014 at a custom street shop where he learned his craft.

Vadym travels frequently, often taking up guest spots at various tattoo shops and working at tattoo conventions at destinations such as Amsterdam, Montreal, Sofia and Brussels. He finds great inspiration in the people he meets on his travels and the artwork he is exposed to. Vadym has always been fascinated with graffiti, stencil art and lettering and states that these are his most important influences. “Since I was first exposed to the scene, I haven’t put down a spray can since. I like to work on a large scale and I’ve always been interested in it’s association with urban and hip-hop culture. It’s many sub-styles has pushed me to explore new techniques and to mix different styles.”