Ramona Schratt


Ramona Schratt is a freelance communication designer and illustrator based in Bochum, Germany. 

Her mother recognised Ramona’s love for pens, paint and paper from her early childhood and always supported her following this passion, so she sent her to art school at the age of nine years old. This opportunity to explore a diverse range of materials, techniques, exhibitions and being in conversation about art with artists had a huge influence on Ramona. She graduated at Folkwang Universität der Künste in 2011 with a diploma in Communication Design. During her education she started freelancing for independent music labels and clubs. Now she works with different major clients as well as with small startups. She loves experimenting with different media and techniques depending on the specific project to find individual solutions - handcrafted or digital or a mixture of both. She also tries to produce personal work as often as she can. 

“Inspiration is everywhere.”