Alfredo Sannoner

Alfredo Sannoner is an internationally recognised calligrapher living in Milan, Italy. He has studied under some of the top calligraphers in the world, including: Carl Rohrs, Julian Waters, and Luca Barcellona. 

From logo design to bespoke wedding invitations combining italic and foundational, from exhibition pieces in gothic fraktur to a graphic design suite for an internationally recognized company, Alfredo is known for his deep knowledge of all formal styles and ability to infuse those styles with his own recognizable touch. 

Calligraphy for Alfredo is expressive freedom: “Being able to call on all formal styles, this form of art gives me the power to make manifest any concept or feeling I want to articulate.” 

Alfredo accepts private commissions, where he channels the expressive power of calligraphy to convey discerning clients messages.