Mauricio Michel Arreola


Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, and holding a degree in Graphic Design from The Technological University of Guadalajara, Mauricio Arreola is a self-taught artist whose romance with letterforms and typography began early in life, under the deep influence of his mother, a passionate journalist who shared with him her love for literature and the written word.

After an unfortunate basketball accident at the age of eight, Mauricio found himself with plenty of time in his hands to practice his recently-discovered artistic skills. Ever from his early contact with the world of lettering, he has seized every opportunity to share his unique perspective on the use of form and counter form, where he enjoys stretching the boundaries  between flat and three-dimensional letters.

After spending three years working for an ad agency, Mauricio recently joined Cocoa Branding, as part of his continuous quest for learning. Through his work, he seeks to share with the audience his unique world perspective from the design standpoint as well. His technical knowledge of illustration and typography, combined with his innate creative abilities, result in projects that reflect the kind of designer he is himself: fresh, talkative and detail-oriented.