Marco Miotto of Oficina Prisma

Venice-born artist Marco Miotto trained as a calligrapher, designer and illustrator. Alongside fellow graphic designer Giovanny Valencia, the pair founded of Oficina Prisma, a creative agency based in Treviso, Italy. United by the passion for motorcycles, of which Marco also used to customize with lettering type, the two partners also shared the same rigorous approach to project design. 

Oficina Prisma, founded on Marco’s multidisciplinary skills, is a design studio, focused primarily on calligraphy, hand lettering, and graphic design. 

Sadly, Marco passed away in December 2017, after losing his battle with cancer at 32 years old. Lucia Tamaro, Giovanny’s new partner at Oficina Prisma, follows in Marco’s footsteps with her calligraphy and graphic design projects.