Dara Borrega (Dara The Unicorn)


Hand lettering artist Dara Borrega was born in 1995 in Igualada, Barcelona, Spain where she currently resides and works. 

“For as long as I can remember, I have always had a pencil or brush in hand. I’ve always had a strong relationship with art, and I keep finding ways to stay continuously inspired and driven to perfect my craft, largely by: by drawing, illustrating and painting. Cinema, music, character design and people are also great inspirations. However, the scope for my inspiration is vast, and many aspects of my day-to-day life inspire me and feed directly into my creative practice. I visually represent these inspirations and interactions in the form of letters. They are a direct expression of how I perceive the world.” 

Dara has recently graduated with a degree in Fashion Design. Midway through her studies, she was presented with the opportunity to undertake a calligraphy subject within a related graphic design course. From that moment on, letters became her biggest crush, and soon became her true love. 

Her current work is focused predominantly on lettering, mostly hand painted and hand lettered: she states it keeps her connected to her “crafty and artistic side.” 

Although she is currently experimenting with different styles, letter forms, techniques and surfaces, she doesn’t shy away from giving a feminine, glittery or shiny personal touch to most of her artworks: as her work progresses, the fantasy world of the artist - where her nickname ‘Dara The Unicorn’ originates from - tends to direct the final aesthetic, reflecting her own personality and internalised world view.