Mr. Zé


Mr. Zé is the creative director and co-founder of Pobrelavaca Creative Work EST. 2002. He studied at the Official Arts & Craft School of Valladolid as a Superior Technician in Plastic Arts as well as Design and Illustration.

Mr. Zé has worked with a vast range of local and international clients. From developing visual identities for European enterprises, creating editorial illustration and graphics for magazines, to painting local walls and travelling with street art festivals. He was also recently appointed as one of the 25 Calligraffiti World Ambasadors.

Mr. Zé describes his work as “A shot of realism and rage.” The body of his work centres around calligraphy, lettering, calligraffiti and sign painting. “Letters are my passion, so I try to put all my energy in to every work I produce.”

This year, Mr. Zé will be painting at Kustom Kulture Forever, based in Germany. His latest solo show, titled “From Calligraphy to Calligraffiti” was exhibited in: Milán, Hamburg, París, Madrid and Barcelona. 

Mr. Zé plans to continue to produce work for his upcoming exhibitions and to continue to grow his client base for Pobrelavaca Creative Work.