Ian Milligan


Ian Milligan is a lifelong illustrator and is now an in house Graphic Designer in Toronto, Ontario. Ian found a middle ground niche for creating lettering illustrations and typographic murals. His work is a combination of natural, vintage and new age. His preferred media to work with is pen and ink, and expanding images from his sketchbook on a larger scale to share with the public. After achieving a Bachelor of Design at OCAD University, he is fluent with the Adobe Suite and loves to combine mediums with technology. 

Ian stepped into mural design in Hamilton, Ontario at a studio called Art Aggregate. The team were in the beginning phases of starting a multi media studio and found Ian at the OCAD University grad show. They asked if Ian would like to teach a workshop on type in the future and Ian offered to do a typographic mural in their studio. They then asked if Ian could do two more. Today, typographic murals are a service that his business provides. Bare walls drive him crazy! 

Ian has also worked as a workshop instructor with Urban Arts. Here, he works with children teaching them the basics of typography and illustration.