Mateusz Witczak


Mateusz Witczak is a self-taught designer and artist who has worked for many years to develop his skills. He is fuelled by talent, vision, inspirations, other great artists and a strong desire to perfect his craft. His passion for art lets him create his own style of hand lettering with a high level of detail and diligence. 

At the conceptual stage of work he prefers to use pencil and paper to draw his initial ideas. He sees Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as a tool to modify his hand drawn designs to his digital needs.

He says, “I like to be close to nature where I can find beautiful views which give me a proper rest and also a different point of view for many things. 

When I see a design which amazes me, I am curious about the work process and pay attention to the details. I try to find the little thing that makes it something tremendous, unique and special. I am aware that constant progress is the key to being successful in art, and design, but also any other activity in life.” 

Until recently he mainly focused on commercial work but now creates his own artistic projects such as large scale drawings and mixed media artworks. 

His work has been commissioned by international agencies, Dragon Rouge, CP+B, and DFL Digital Sports for a wide range of clients including Bundesliga, Nike, Danone and L’Oreal. 

In 2018 Mateusz was a featured artist in the Next Level exhibition events organized by Wacom and Just Another Agency. 

His work has featured in many publications, including Typism. He also teaches workshops. Today he lives and works in Warsaw, Poland where he runs his independent freelance practice.