Mr.Nelson design

Mr.Nelson design is the studio of graphic designer and illustrator Wouter Tjeenk Willink. 

Based in The Netherlands, Mr. Nelson’s creations embody a unique, bold character composed of handmade elements and a lot of mostly handmade typography. His style contains elements with designs that feel handmade and might be considered a little frayed at the edges. He embraces these imperfections that come from working by hand so he often combines both analogue and digital techniques. 

I like it when you can see the hand of the creator in the artworks” he says. “As a true perfectionist it took some time to realise that true beauty is not in perfection, but actually in the imperfection of things. The human touch appeals to people more than the perfect picture, which is boring” 

He finds his inspiration in sports, music, fashion and culture amongst other things.