Mattia Masaglio

Mattia Mesaglio is a graphic designer who cites his main artistic influences as Andy Warhol, Herb Lubalin, Luca Barcellona and Aaron Draplin. 

He creates his beautiful calligraphy and lettering artworks by using traditional hand drawing techniques combined with a range of digital tools. 

He studied at the International School of Comics in Padua, Italy and currently lives and works in his hometown of Udine, Italy. 

Art and design has been part of his life since childhood. His appetite for visual culture has increased as his design practice has developed and he enjoys learning about a range of creative disciplines including graphics, typography, calligraphy, design, comics, modern and contemporary art. 

Having fulfilled his aspiration of becoming a professional graphic designer, Mattia takes great pride in his works. 

He describes his creative process as a combination of “Care, precision and most of all, passion”