Li’s Calligraphy

Grace Li is a Hong Kong calligrapher and the founder of Li’s Calligraphy. Grace fell in love with calligraphy since her first encounter with the craft at 10 years old. She writes with brush pen and dip pen in different scripts such as Italic, Modern and Copperplate Calligraphy etc, and loves to decorate the letterings with floral and wreath drawings. 

Grace passionately promotes the craft of calligraphy. “In this fast-paced world, I am hoping that people can put down their digital devices and pick up a pen to taste the unique beauty of handwriting and the power of slowness.” 

Grace is highly experienced and has been invited to deliver staff workshops at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She also works with various well-known organisations for on-site demonstrations and souvenir makings. 

Grace has also shared her calligraphy journey in a media interview (Apple Daily Deluxe). She believes that writing calligraphy is a life-long journey and treasures every single step.