Ion Lucin

Ion Lucin’s artistic practice is focussed on graphic design and typography and he aims to find visual solutions that are minimalist and rational: less but more. 

His studies in fine arts led him to realise the endless possibilities available to create and express himself. Initially excited, he soon realized that freedom is a double edged sword - too much freedom can get messy. This was the catalyst for him to pare down his creative process. 

Ion’s unique style focuses on 3D works but with a 2D, bold format. He works in motion design and animation, graphic design, typography, illustration, and industrial design and all these methods are created entirely in 3D. 

Ion has had the opportunity to work on many high profile projects for clients such as Google, Chanel, Coca Cola, Adobe and more. 

He likes to explore, invent, experiment and conquer new creative fields. He seeks to create something new and never before seen, but always in his unique and particular style. All of his projects are created entirely by him, from concept to final product. 

Ion was born in Eastern Europe, but was raised in Spain where he currently lives and works.