Byron Erik Naranjo Díaz

Byron Erik Naranjo Díaz is a Colombian graphic artist working in Bogotá. He describes his body of work and approach to design as ‘‘pendular’’ giving him the freedom to move between highly experimental expression and rigorous typographic influence. 

Erik uses his art to support the work of alternative and social oriented enterprises including feminist collectives, queer communities, collaborative, interdependent and a range of self-managed initiatives. 

Erik specialises in typography, lettering and editorial design. He uses Adobe Indesign and Illustrator to create his works, but has a deep love for traditional printed media. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design from Universidad Nacional de Colombia and is currently studying for a Master’s Degree in Art History and Theory from the same university. 

Erik’s inspirations cover a wide range of creative practitioners, including lettering artists Jessica Hische, Mary Kate McDevitt and Fabiola Mejía Lutz. Colombian type designers César Puertas and Oscar Guerrero Cañizares and Jost Hochuli, Ward Heirwegh and Ludovic Balland from a design perspective. 

He has collaborated with the FLIA Bogotá (Feria del Libro Independiente y Autogestionada – Independent and self-managed Book Fair of Bogotá), the LGBTI newspaper Periódica and with Colectivo Sudakuir Editorial, an independent publishing house which specialises in feminist and gender books.