Valerie Van der Looy



Valerie Van der Looy is a passionate graphic designer and mixed media illustrator based in the vibrant city of Antwerp, Belgium.

“As a child I was mesmerised by the works of surrealists artists. I found them mysterious and compelling. I believe that playing with perspective, suggestions and storytelling makes art exciting. Whilst attending art school my fascination with the surrealist movement continued to influence my work. I would experiment with a wide range of techniques and media to develop my own surreal and whimsical aesthetic. This experimentation is still a large part of my creative process today. I am continuously experimenting with the new techniques, media and technologies to further develop my skillset and illustrative style to offer fresh and dynamic creative solutions for my clients.”

Valerie established her creative practice in 2009, primarily selling a range of limited edition and bespoke greeting card, stationery and art prints. Valerie works as a graphic designer for a major youth organisation and also as an independent children’s book illustrator.

Valerie lives by my her life Moto: “If you don’t try it, you will never know.”