Priscilla Tang Yau Cheong



Priscilla Tang is both a budding Manga artist as well as an experienced fashion illustrator, her forte. Priscilla has been producing illustrations  for over 20 years for her fashion clients in both New York and Hong Kong, where she now resides. 

Priscilla worked as a permanent freelancer with the founder of the fashion resource magazine Inside Fashion, Jane Singer for more than 20 years. 

Her fashion influenced illustrative style is spontaneous and sumptuous. She can be a stickler for technicalities, acknowledging the subtle cutting of a seam or two in her renditions. Traditional pen and ink as well as Photoshop are magically blended here.

Priscilla draws her models from her vivid imagination with no need for live models, expensive lighting or props. Her ability has been honed from years of practice and keen observation of the human anatomy and early interest in drawing. She is quick and nimble and is known for completing her artwork long before due deadlines.

As an audacious entry into the world of Manga Art, Priscilla is an aficionado of the works of notable Manga artist, Ilya Kuvshinov, Russian by birth, who works out from Yokohama. It has been his work that prompted Priscilla to put aside her fashion portfolio of 20 years and apply herself to Manga.

Priscilla now dedicates her current time to creating Manga art. She is all ready to engage with fashion houses, cosmetic companies, and advertising agencies.