Rastros Ilustrados



Multidisciplinary illustrator, designer and artist Beatriz Hernández is the driving force behind Rastros Illustrados, a full service creative studio specialising in illustration and branding located in Barcelona, Spain. Beatriz is also the cofounder of Shimai Studio.

Beatriz has obtained a postgraduate degree in illustration and a bachelor of design from the BAU School of Design, Barcelona. Beatriz states “I am inspired by everything: TV, music, literature, the gesture of a woman, the drawing of a child, a talk with a friend”. Beatriz also states that “the intention of Rastros Illustrados is to not only develop fresh and dynamic solutions for our clients, but to challenge those interacting with our work to consider an alternate point of view”.

Beatriz continues to run her Barcelona based creative practice, participate in collective exhibitions and events alongside teaching higher education students in design and illustration.