Hued Hued



“We are preserving the natural heritage of Chile by encapsulating the present and disappearing natural beauty of the country via illustration, pattern design and serigraphy.”

Hued hued is the name of a Chilean native bird, but it is also a project that Javiera Larraín(33) and Gonzalo Balmaceda(35) developed to rescue the Chilean natural heritage, and showcase it to the world via their illustration and designs.

Via the technique of brush and Chinese ink, Hued hued develops different collections such as Endangered Chilean Animals, Native Flowers, Southern Forests and Loicas (Chilean autochthonous bird).

These collections are created via silk screen printing onto cotton, to produce a range of different products, such as bathroom curtains, cushions, tablecloths and bedding. 

Hued hued also collaborates with different companies to integrate their concepts and illustrations to new formats and products, such as crockery, clothing and Wall paper.

All products are handmade in Chile with love.