Dasha Tuzova



Illustrator and artist Dasha Tuzova was born in Moscow, Russia in 1998. 

Influences for her work are drawn from her early exposure to Soviet cartoons and classic fairytales depicting fictional environments populated with nymphs, fairies and princesses. At an early age Dasha was also drawn to Japanese popular culture, Manga, and the eccentric Lolita fashion. Lolita is a style combining Victorian and Edwardian clothing with a Rococo influence, prevalent throughout Harajuku, Tokyo.

“In 2014 I moved to the United Kingdom to undertake further studies. Whilst studying for my A-levels I was able to experiment with various media and techniques and discovered that watercolour paints and wax pencil best allow me to achieve the results I desired for my work. The repeated applications of washes and layering allow for the various shades to blend, flow, and overlap, achieving what I refer to as the ‘fragility and lyricism’ I see within in Soviet animations. At the same time, there is scope for complex and fine pencil-work.”

“I enjoy listening to people. Displays of strong emotion, such as passion or love inspire many of my concepts. My greatest reward is to see someone form an emotional bond with a finished artwork I created, that they themselves inspired.”

Currently, Dasha is studying Product and Furniture Design at Nottingham Trent University. She dreams of finding a job that would allow her to fully develop her potential as an artist who can empathise with people and deliver truly unique and personalised products.