Brittany Wilson



“Art is nothing more or less than expression, perhaps with the intent of innovation, for exploration by means of communication. We’re just talking here!” –Britt Wilson

Shortly after cutting her first teeth, Brittany discovered the joy of markers and crayons, and their magical properties when dragged across a white surface. Any white surface. Years later, after graduating from Anderson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design in 2013, she began her career as a designer and illustrator for an engineering firm in Clemson. Based in Greenville, South Carolina, she specialises in branding, illustration, photography, and design, while dabbling in event planning, décor, and choreography.

As a multidisciplinary artist, working within a range of mediums, Brittany believes that observance, curiosity, and attention to detail together can permit a genuine grasp of creativity. She maintains that any idea is worth pursuing, and that there is a right time and right place for ideas to be seen and heard. She creates to deliver beautifully interesting ideas, and to inspire. From design to illustration to drawing, her focus is to communicate clearly the stories that are waiting to be told.

Continuously adding to her thoughtscape, Brittany draws inspiration from the whimsy of Walt Disney and Dr. Seuss, and the photorealism of Chuck Close. When not creating on paper or the screen, Brittany can be found channeling her inner Katniss Everdeen with her bow, refining her Disney trivia expertise with movie marathons, or dancing to Michael Jackson’s greatest hits.