Kirby Growcott (Vasconez Art)



Living in far North Queensland, Australia is where Artist Kirby Growcott 32 years of age of Vasconez Art Creates her vibrant, heart felt original acrylic paintings and personalised commissioned one of a kind artwork.

For as long as she can remember, she has always had a desire to create via drawing and painting.

A self-taught artist with only lessons taken during high school and guidance by her father Rafel Vasconez who studied art during his young adulthood growing up in Guayaquil Ecuador.

Everything she has learned has been through self-guided trial and error, learning with every painting, evolving with her technique and style.

After going through a traumatic experience in her life during 2014 her artwork evolved and transitioned in a new direction. 

She became more passionate and emotionally charged, painting from within her experiences and life challenges, which you can see and feel in her work.

Kirby channels her feelings through an obsessive use of vibrant colours as you will see in the featured works.

Her Art has been described as vibrant, colourful, soulful and beautiful.

With  Facebook and Instagram accounts under her maiden name of ‘Vasconez Art’ with over 4,000 followers on each, Kirby is rapidly developing an engaged and loyal fan base.