André Manguba



Andre Manguba is a self taught illustrator and artist currently residing and working in Manila.

Andre’s work is largely centred around creating realistic portraits, however, he produces a vast range of illustrative projects for both print and digital applications. Andre has been commissioned to produce illustrative works for household brand names such as: Titus Pens, STABILO, Faber-Castell and 20th Century Fox. He is also frequently hired to facilitate creative workshops for organisations and businesses such as: Lions Clubs International, CMLI Org. and Megaworld Corporation.

He produces his portraits largely with traditional media, however, he has been commissioned to explore more experimental media such as using household food items such as pasta and tomato sauce to produce a series of portraits which were showcased on the national televison program ‘Matanglawin’ broadcasted throughout the Philippines.

Andre draws inspiration for his work from illustrators and artists such as Kerby Rosanes, Jason Siew, Toni Mahfud, David Kassan and Dino Tomic. He is particularly inspired by the works of Lilly Singh a.k.a iiSuperwomanii. “Her philosophies in life and art have taught me so much in regards to staying productive and continuously producing a high calibre of work.”

Andre continues to explore new mediums and technologies to produce fresh and dynamic creative solutions for his clients.