Mai Haruno



Mai Haruno is a Japanese illustrator based in Aichi, central Japan.

She has produced a range of artworks for children’s books, and advertisement. She is also frequently commissioned to produce portraits at art events. Mai loves to work with with family-friendly companies that produce products for children.

Her art work is mainly created using a stencil based technique, utilising  masking tape and white canvas to mask out the line work within her artwork. She began experimenting with this technique when studying dyeing at the Kyoto City University of Arts. She also utilises digital media and other materials depending on the requirements of the projects.

After graduating from university, her first career was as an art teacher where she worked for 7 years. However, in 2011, Japan faced an enormous earthquake and additionally, one of her students died of a brain tumour. Because of these events, she started to reconsider her vision for her future as she had another dream, to become an illustrator, and she would not want to regret ‘not taking the chance’.

In 2012, she started to work as an illustrator focusing largely on children’s publications.

Her client base has been increasing steadily ever since and now she regularly produces a variety of works for magazine, monthly picture books and a range of advertisements.

“I hopes to continue to enjoy producing my illustrations. Please feel free to get in-touch with me at any time.”